Thursday, May 29, 2014

State of the Blog
 spring 2014

odie is two

Monday was Odie's second birthday.

Hoo boy, the state of the blog.

As I alluded last month in the state of the biz, blog stats have leveled up, still consistently around 350 hits per day, with the occasional 400+ or 500+ outlier. Let's talk about that for a sec, this is mostly owing first to this racerback dress being a perennial I guess on Pinterest, and second to my movement and muscles series getting looked up on Google pretty regularly. I'm more excited about the latter than the former, even though curiosity about internal and external rotation at the hip is coming in a very distant second to hunger for how to cut a racerback. Because movement and muscles is more my topic, you know? But by all means if you want to cut up old t-shirts into racerbacks, they are pretty universally flattering and I'm happy to help. But in either case, it's stuff from the vaults, the racerback was originally written in 2009 and the muscles and movement series is from 2012.

Hellooo, 2014. I think I had enough in the pipeline to keep pumping through the end of February, and it's been fits and starts since then, March, and then April, and now May. Maybe June. What happened, well. What's been happening is everything that I've been talking about in my last state of the biz and state of the break, just a little more of everything, a little more work, a little more biz, a little more derby. Which means a little more rest, actually a lot more. Which means a little less writing. Actually a lot less.

Which is how it goes, I always said that it could go like this. I'm not a person who even tries to do all the things. Or well, not anymore, that has been part of my development. So on the one hand, blogging is at the bottom of the list—actually moving blogging to the bottom of the list has also been part of my development, and actually crafting is at the bottom of the list and I haven't done that at all in at least a few years—and now, blogging looks like it's being pushed off the edge of the world.

On the other hand why did I even get started and then keep writing this blog, well, for my aforementioned development. That's what I've been doing here in a nutshell, developing systems for managing food, fitness, and fashion. Of course there's always room for improvement, but there's also that moment when the coelacanth hauls itself out of the water and goes for a little walk, that's the moment I feel like I'm in. Like I've got my act together and I'm taking it on the road for a little bit.

I still want to, and think I can, keep up with:

  • quarterly charts
  • quarterly fitness charts
  • monthly food charts
  • monthly cooking practices
  • monthly state of the break/biz/blog
  • egressions in weeks that I'm posting

Let's just say that, at a minimum, for now.