Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dept. of Weights and Measures: YES WE CAN

Look here, it's driving me crazy trying to keep track of which cans are 14 ounces or 14.5 ounces or 15 ounces. Aren't cans the same size, mostly? And by size I mean volume? Except when they're not? So unless I say otherwise:

200900525_can 20090525_lgcan
this is a can this is a large can

Which brings to mind, I mostly use the Jewel brands of everything. I don't, you know, love Jewel products. I mean, I think they're fine & I'm not the princess I was about brand names. So also unless I say otherwise, I'm probably using Jewel brand products and you can use whatever brand you want, and if I do say otherwise, it's a product I'm still a princess about and you can still use whatever brand you want.