Thursday, September 29, 2011

Adibisi's Hat

I have been talking about studying for my personal trainer certification, and lordy I have finished Week One of the ACE Personal Trainer 12 Week Study Coach Program. In eighteen weeks. I think it took four weeks to get up the courage to actually open the book, and I lost four to six weeks at the beginning of summer to becoming captain and the draft and tryouts. And it says right here in my study coach email, "Many candidates get stuck on Chapter 1 because of the vast amount of information covered."

Chapter 1 was Human Anatomy, which is a hella vast amount of information. I feel like I only slightly know it now. It's sort of like when you start working out, your abs are so weak that you can't even find them and eventually you work up to a point where you can actually find them to work them out. So I will be moving onto Chapter 2, but also writing up what I know about human anatomy in upcoming blog entries.

This is how I learn. Basically that's what this blog is, me learning my life. So, up next: human anatomy alla Poppy.

Anyway, I have key questions written up on my chalkboard:

  • What bones are at this joint?
  • What body part moves at this joint?
  • What body part is moved at this joint?
  • What movements happen at this joint?
  • What muscles make these movements happen?
  • What exercises make these muscles work?

important anatomy question

To which I noticed the sweetie man has added the most important anatomical question for anybody who has watched Oz.