Monday, October 11, 2010

Work/Play: PASTIME

Last but not least, play that is play is something that is done as an end in itself that is an end in itself.

We will call this PASTIME.

Anybody who thinks WORK or PASTIME should be entirely eliminated is a zealot. If there's anything sadder than a workaholic ant zealot, it's a grasshopper zealot who doth protest too much. Everybody get over yourselves. Ants: you do need pastime. You need to spend time doing something for no reason at all. For your sanity, I beg you. Grasshoppers: nobody cares. And grow up.

Ants and grasshoppers are basically puritans on two sides of the same coin, dealing with their guilt about not working enough either by working themselves to death or by playing themselves to death. It's so boring and tragic. Be okay with yourself, figure out what's okay and fix what's not okay. Any good system produces waste, be cool with that.