Thursday, November 5, 2009

What Needed Doing trepanning, perhaps

"Do you know why I'm always late lately?"

"Twelve-hour showers."

I stop racing around with the towel on my head. "Aw. You guessed it right off."

The other answer that he nicely hasn't said is, Facebook.

"Can I tell you why, anyway? It's because when I started waking up at eight, I'd be in a panic and only put conditioner on & just sort of rinse myself off. Now I have it in my head that I can wake up at eight and have time for a shower, like scrub everything." Nobody scrubs like a Korean, if you don't know.

I'm waking up at eight because I'm going to bed at midnight. I don't know why I don't go to bed at ten, if I need the sleep. Except that I do, going to bed at ten makes me feel like a loser. Like I ran out of fun. I need to be up until midnight doodling t-shirt designs (TK!) or sewing t-shirt dresses. Is this the dumbest reason for sleep deprivation there is—