Monday, November 2, 2009

How It Went evolved, has a plan

20091031_shrimp1 Bootcamp was cancelled, so I went on a run. I did all right, I haven't run regularly since two years ago & I can still run for a half-mile at a stretch. I did three miles, which handily enough is from my house to the Puerto Rican flag on Western and back, alternating a half-mile running with a quarter-mile walking. I applied last week's blocking lesson about keeping your tail tucked under to this run —I tend to tumble forward when I run— and I felt nice and solid. Boy though, my hip flexors are sore now.

If you want it in chart form, it looks like this. Yes I know, I am the only one who wants it in chart form. Get off my lawn.

WCR Rioters
photo shoot
Derby Lite
All Hallow's Eve Early Supper
Choppers ft.
The Plan

My french silk upside-down apple bread pudding with cashew cream experiment was a success. Recipe TK!

And I have also perfected a mega-garlic soup recipe, sadly, because pit crew has been sick. Here he is, roused off the chaise and forced to pose for this picture. But it had to be memorialized, I had been looking forward to Having Halloweens Together for two years & and then found out that one of the things that you don't necessarily get cleared up via long distance is, he doesn't like dressing up. I don't know if it's worse for him being with a loose cannon like me, who randomly decides to be a shrimp for Halloween. But anyway, he is the website He had the t-shirt made and everything, and did get to wear it to last week's skating party; but on Halloween night, he stayed home and shaved his head.

Sunday morning Rioters practice, where I learned that Sugars really are too soft for skate court. I always have to find out for myself. At some point, I thought my wheels might be spinning backwards like when you're on a bus that's not moving and the bus next to you moves forward. Wait no, this was the bus stuck in the mud. Buses are my favorite metaphor, if you haven't noticed. Anyway, I will write more about wheels in a bit.

Between Rioters practice and Derby Lite practice, pit crew sawed down the little piece of wood that we put the speakers on for watching movies on his laptop. Our house is full of contraptions. I swept up the sawdust. "This counts as cleaning, right?"

So then I led Derby Lite practice, and I don't know if I can actually handle two Sunday practices or if I'm just butt stubborn. I told you how it is though, about that second shot of Bushmills. Earlier in the week, I was lying in the dark fretting how I could add in a fifth practice. Skating isn't my anti-drug, skating is my drug full stop.

Settled down in comfy clothes and under blankets for Choppers and the movie of the week, which was the Battlestar Galactica movie The Plan. Pretty much uncommunicative by the time the movie started, and dead asleep by eight-thirty.