Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Summer Meal Plan

C'mon summer, are you HOT or not?

In any case, it's nice enough to eat salad. Three-quarters of the year is too damn cold for salad, so in summer I fill up. What's not to love? It's delicious, it's easy to make, it fills you up, and it's low in calories. If you make salad the way I do! It's all about the little salad on the green salad...

My dad was a bonkers evangelist about eating greens when the getting was good, and now I'm bonkers like that—

Monday through Friday - Yogurt and Blueberries, Banana, and Almonds
Saturday and Sunday - Muesli with Yogurt, Blueberries, and Banana
Sunday, every so often - Bite Cafe

Bite is kind of better than Hollywood —I kind of hate to say that, because I love Hollywood for its own self— and just as cheap; but it's a farther walk, so we've just started going there for Sunday breakfast. I had french toast with roasted pears and pumpkin seeds & pomegranate sauce, and pit crew had a pulled pork omelet with gruyere cheese om nom nom...

Monday through Friday - leftover green salad
Saturday and Sunday - Peanut Butter Sandwich & OJ2O, unless I'm still stuffed from Bite breakfast

Monday through Friday - Apple or Strawberries and Stick Cheese

I refuse to call this string cheese. String cheese strings, this is just a stick. It's good to eat, though.

Monday - Green Salad
Tuesday - pit crew dinner
Wednesday - Green Salad
Thursday - Peanut Butter Sandwich & OJ2O

Now that the weather's nice, we're going to try all the pizzas in the neighborhood. Perhaps I will review them! Yeah and yum!

Saturday - dinner out, usually

I think we haven't been home for Saturday dinner in two months, this must also be a summer thing...

Sunday - Choppers!