Friday, June 30, 2017

June Review

Still feeling good! Not even gonna lie, kinda counting down the months (two) to fifty so I can stop doing these. The more I live my life, the less I have to write about it. Or maybe the less I write about my life, the more I get to live it?


In the "above" layer, foot clinic was very good. I sent a fax, I guess, via resistbot to my senators about protecting the ACA and not just playing defense on healthcare. I have a ton of thoughts about this and other stuff. Things have been settling and making room; when they settle more and make more room, I might work some of that out.

In the "below" layer, I mended all my leggings again; that gives me a lot more breathing room between laundry cycles. I'm trying to figure out where to put all the branches I cut down last month:

then on my day off i made an altar to the ancient ones

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I moved them again, though. I really want to put plants on top of those bookcases, though the plants I've made up there haven't done so well. Still working on it.


I'm still running and doing yoga with Box every other Sunday, and also I've started doing sun salutations again three times a week. This is the best, more balanced fitness program I've ever had I think as an adult, I really should write a book. I'm still doing therapy every other week, too.

What I have to do systems-wise is stuff like setting up my new Quicken software and draft a will for myself, stuff like that, those are the big ones. I'm not even clear why all of this is taking so long to get done. Running, maybe? I've fine-tuned my running program (again), so hopefully that frees up some time for this.


Two things: one, I got a new client! Two, I finally signed up for my CECs! I'm doing the Orthopedic Exercise Specialist Certification, so excited:

🎶 chriiiiistmas tiiiiime is heeeeere 🎶

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Going out

A very outie month: started the month off with Problem's birthday dinner, we walked to the 606 Block Party (that was to Humboldt and back! I remember when walking home from Western plunged me into a depression, yay recovery), Tomy was in town and we had brunch one day and drinks on Sunday, Tami and I met for fried chicken, Sparty and I went out for pizza, and I went to breakfast with Kristen from running group. No pictures!

Staying in

I feel like I watched a lot of TV and movies this month, too: John Wick 2, Orange Is The New Black, season two of Powers, all of Wentworth, the next season of The Night Shift, San Andreas, and Fate of the Furious.

So far it's been a very summery summer, very relaxing and fun. Is this my life? Because I'm okay with it.