Wednesday, May 31, 2017

May Review

Still feeling good, May was a great month!


In the "above" layer was just foot clinic this month, it was hoppin' though. I love foot clinic.

In the "below" layer, house cleaning was on a roll: organized the wardrobe, cleaned the shower side of the bathroom (last month was the toilet side), and MJ rescued a branch that was blown off the tree in front of our house and I took it apart for pothos support; that was a bit of a saga. First there was a terrible storm and the branch was hanging by a thread, in this case a strand of xmas lights:

if it weren't for the xmas lights that branch would have been blown right off 😂

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Then it fell off the thread into the gutter. These xmas lights, which have been up since two Christmases ago, are funny to no end to me:

idk why i think this is so funny but i do

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I picked the branch out of the gutter and stowed it in the front well, but then Mitch tidied it away and I was like Aw. But then MJ rescued it from the trash, and it was in the kitchen for me when I got home from training Nora:

I must say, I didn't realize it was as big as it was when it was not in my house. It was in the kitchen for the rest of the week and Saturday morning MJ had laid out his saws for me and showed me how to put them all together, so I figured he wanted me to get a move on taking it apart.

Much fun was had:

fErNgULLy!!! #domokun #domo #hygge #bosonbuddies

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higgy is the bravest #domokun #domo #hygge #bosonbuddies

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But wait, there's more, first of all, therapy, and running, AND this month was Problem's annual birthday challenge, this year's was the best yet, many videos of this on my instagram. But also I finally did my quarterly cash flow review, and I made a little calendar to track when I take klonapin. At Dr Wolowitz's suggestion my dosage is down to .25 mg, that is super ^_^ When I started on them back in October, I was supposed to try .5 mg and that did not do shit. I was on 1 mg for two weeks straight before I finally started to calm down. At the moment I only have trouble sleeping when I'm really excited about something, and I take the klonapin just to stay on track with sleep; I do not want to go down that rabbit hole again. I was wanting to be down to only needing it every other week, but that was a little ahead of myself and creating a little anxiety therein. Which is when Dr. Wolowitz suggested cutting the dosage, which works to put me to sleep and works to reassure me that I am indeed getting better, good and gooder.

my klonapin calendar, so pleasing!

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Still haven't gotten to my CECs, but I got my CPR certification! I did a really great eight-hour class with Brawla and Chicago Adventure Therapy, best training I've had to date. I spent the rest of my time earmarked for PLAY on client work, a recovery module for Rachel and a core module for Steven. There's some stuff up in the air with my gym that I need to work out, but that's for June...


Going out

A pretty outie month, though not in photos: Problem hosted cocktails where we made The Bad Word, oh wait, I did take pictures of that:

it looks just like the picture! #thebadword

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...we were joined by Box and Brawla, and the four of us went to Rojo Gusano for tacos; the next weekend Box and Brawla hosted UFC 211; the next weekend was WCR vs MRD at the Broadway Armory, oh ha, there's a pic for that:

Then actually that Sunday after yoga, we worked on this bison puzzle all day at the Aloha Palace:

pin the tail on the bison

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Annnd Sparty and I went out for brunch, we'll be doing that more now that she's out of school for the summer.

Sooo outie!

Staying in

But then everybody went out of town for Memorial Day, and I had the whole three-day weekend to myself. I love my friends, but that was lovely. Every morning I slept in and then picked something to do, like take apart that tree branch, and completed it at my leisure. What else did I do? Oh ha ha, I made a little guide for pothos care:

look what i made! #pothos

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I've had this idea in my head for a while, but then Vanessa texted me to ask if she could bring a plant home and of course I said yes and hand wrote out everything I had been thinking in a little pamphlet for her. So then it was only a matter of an evening to type it up in Photoshop and add a little color. I will be making a separate post with a downloadable PDF soon, the better to pin me with, whatever. I mounted it on cardboard for the bulletin board at work.

Anything else? I similarly typed up my whole running program, worked on it for an entire Monday evening, but Photoshop crashed just as I was finishing up and I hadn't saved it at all. I just went to bed at that point, and then some days later I redid it on Google Sheets, which is a better medium because it involves math and customization. A blog post might be following for that, too. Maybe. It's summer, the good times are rolling!