Sunday, April 30, 2017

April Review

Well, I feel pretty great. April was a good month.


In the "above" layer, I helped with foot clinic and 2nd Ward cleanup. I hadn't really imagined picking up litter when I was thinking about thinking globally and acting locally, but I think acting locally means actually acting when something local comes up and that's what's come up so far. And, I rescued this tiny robot:

beep boop #hygge

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In the "below" layer, I started cleaning my house! OMG. I've been having a surge of creativity that mostly involved picking up twigs off the street to stake my pothos with and finally started actually making the planters I needed to repot the plants and tidy up all the damn twigs. Yogurt containers make great planters, by the way:

boy spidey loves his new pot #spiderplant #planter

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So that cleared the way to finally rehang all my pictures that I had taken down when MJ put up my new shelf:

i have finally hung the art (after a year)

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OMG the next morning when I walked out into my front room, my heart just sang. And and and, I cleaned my bathroom. My towels are the way I want them for the first time since MJ moved in, sploosh.


As previously mentioned, I ran a 5K this month. I'm ramping up my yoga practice to every other week and tapering my therapy from every week to every other week, both are going very well. I got a good report card from the dentist, too.

And, I got my tax refunds and my passport.


Still haven't gotten to my CECs though I have a little start on my CPR certification. But, I have a little room to work on them now.


Going out

Also not a very outie month? Idk brunch tends to follow yoga, and there was brunch after the race. Box and Brawla had Easter dinner at the Aloha Palace. Sparty, Ska and lil EB (eee), and MJ had brunch at Whisk:

And I went to the WCR bout. That's pretty outie, I guess.

Staying in

Still, MJ and I spent most Friday and Saturday nights in. We watched Legion, that was great; The 13th Floor; a couple episodes of Powers, which I also liked; more of The Expanse; The Kingsman; and London Spy.

This review seems short when the month has felt so full: running, some yoga, brunches, making planters and repotting plants, house shaping up. Well, I didn't mention the baby giraffe :) that too