Friday, March 31, 2017

March Review

It occurred to me in bed the other morning that I could keep up these monthly reviews until my birthday, and then that would be as good a stopping point as any. So, onward to 50...


In the "above" layer, I went to my second Hideout meeting and it was the gentlest of emotional rollercoasters where I'd been feeling like I really need that Saturday for myself but like it was necessary to give it another try and also necessary to give it two tries in a row, and right up to the meeting I'd been thinking thank god this will be my last wiccan meeting (I'd been calling it my wiccan meeting, which is sort of what I think about nice white people in groups, where not nice white people in groups are the klan) and then I settled into the meeting and right off the bat they improved some things that didn't quite work in the first meeting, and I do love an evolving thing, and I was listening to the speakers and knitting Sparty's hat and thinking, you know, this is a good thing, to listen to these things, and then Sparty texted that she was running late to pick me up, which was perfect because to my surprise I was just about done with her hat, and there's supposed to socializing after the meeting and I missed that part last month, but it turns out nobody socializes with you when you are utterly focused on finishing your knitting, no blame. And somewhere in there I came down from the idea that I would continue going to these meetings because I'm already active and I already have friends, so even if it's a nice thing, I have enough nice things, and I need that Saturday for myself.

Also in the "above" layer, I had foot clinic, which I love. Oh, I had the socks! I broke down the order into four bundles of three packs of large and one pack of medium socks and brought just one bundle. I snuck them into the bin because I didn't want them to make a fuss, but the I overheard one of the nurses say "sweet" when they realized there were two sizes to choose from ^_^ and then a man came in and whispered that he didn't need to wash his feet, just socks, and I brought out two sizes so he could pick and he was like, can I have both? And I was like, you can have two pairs of socks but do you want both pairs the same size? So he picked the bigger ones and I brought him a second pair of those and he smiled so big and gave me a fist bump.

After I filed my taxes and applied for my passport (YES!) I felt like I deserved a present, so one Saturday, well actually, I ran to Tsubo to pick up a knee gasket that Varla left for me and hung out with Biggie on her break, and then I walked back home and treated myself to some brow powder and a brush:

Nothing in the "below" layer, erk... see, that's what I need the Saturday for. This month!


BUT, I finally buckled down to do my taxes. I really need to get on this earlier in the year, like right at the beginning of February; it's just not that hard, and it's so nice to have it out of the way. This year has been such a kerfuffle of figuring out what #resist is going to mean for me, though.

And as previously mentioned, miracle of miracles, I finally actually applied for my passport renewal:

ermahgerd passport application started 8/4/2014, completed 3/24/17 🙌

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Yeah, that's only been on my to do list for three years.

Full boat of therapy this month, and a full boat of running. All systems are go!


Boy PLAY is really getting squeezed, I did make this runner's strength workout, which I haven't done myself, what I'm actually doing very well is running and pushups and posting my progress on Instagram. Both of those are a continual process of learning and I suppose I'm at the point where I could write them up into some kind of news you can use... but, idk. Writing and living aren't synced up for me right now. Training for me right now is what I'm thinking to myself, talking about to my clients, and the not infrequent fly-by on Facebook and Instagram, and I feel like that's okay for now.

Though I do have to do my CECs this year and also renew my CPR certification, so there's that.


Going out

I feel like this wasn't a very outie month, Biggie and I had a lipstick date:

today we are trying purple #lipstickdate #urbandecay #moshpit which i thought was called no shit

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Another thing I could write up, if I felt like writing.

There was the aforementioned brunch with Sparty and hangout with Biggie, and a farewell brunch at Journeyman for Painbows who has moved to California:

Incredible women. Even better friends. Until we adventure again, my loves. #friends #love #ILtoCA #journeyman

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Hasta la vista, baby :*

And last but not least, a rare Thursday movie night: me and der schweetums, Brawla, and Karma went to see Logan. Man, that was really good. I have really lowered expectations for movies these days and pro forma go to superhero movies, but Logan was actually good.

Staying in

So if it wasn't an outie month, I must have been innie. We certainly hardly spent any month this month, which surprised me. On the production side, I wrote last month's review, I knit a hat for Sparty:

hat in progress

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Also new hats for Kevin and Odie are in there somewhere. And I repotted some plants at work, you don't need to see yet another picture of pothos do you.

On the consumption side, we watched The Expanse, which I am concurrently reading; tried a bit of Taboo but eh; The Arrival, which I thought was great; American Ultra, also great; Iron Fist, not the greatest but which I don't really want to talk about except in my innermost circle of trust; and Dark City, which der schweetums wanted me to see. My absolute favorite of the month, though, was Ultimate Beastmaster, at which Koreans kicked ass as competitiors and as announcers. SEASON TWO!