Tuesday, February 28, 2017

February Review

Full disclosure, I'm actually writing this on March 5 and backdating it to the last day of February. I feel like I know better to never say never and to never say that's how much fuck fish to writing, but it's certainly ebb tide around here and you could get this same story just by looking at my Instagram feed. But, I do happen to have a bit of free time on a Sunday night that I don't want to rot away just watching more TV so here goes:


All of my HOME stuff this month was in the "above" layer: I organized a call sheet for making calls to my representatives, I attended a meeting at the Hideout that Bork tipped me off to, I made calls to the aforementioned representatives, and I worked at foot clinic. Oh! I also raised money to buy socks for next month's foot clinic:

unboxing socks

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Haha, that was extremely fun. I can't wait to bring the socks next month.


Running is still going strong, czech it, I was up to 2.2 miles at the end of the month:

haha dang it ya big hand #25milesin30days #nojobtoosmall

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Therapy still also going strong, every week this month. And I also feebly started shuffling the papers around that I need to prepare my tax organizer for Elliott, and also my bank sent me a new credit card for no reason so I had to update all the expiration dates on my autopays, fuck you very much >:(


The only thing I did for this was draw some planks for GOYB, who's in my running group:

Nora brought these to me, actually, she does tham and now Rachel does them, too. It's a good little plank sequence that emphasizes stability with mobility, which is the real brass ring. I like them a lot.


Going out

Did I go out a lot this month? Let's see, there was Brawla's birthday slash Super Bowl with goat, a.k.a. Super BirrieraƱera. Nina and I went out for pie at Bang Bang Pie, chicken at Parson's Chicken and Fish and then Bang Bang Pie at Parson's Chicken and Fish, a.k.a. #piechickenpie. And, the Juanna Rumbel Cup, where Rudy actually recognized me squee:

s: wanna say cheese rudy? r: NAAOOO

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Usually he only has eyes for MJ!

Oh and, the Oscars! Which we watched chez Problem. Sparty and I went out for brunch in there too, after the Hideout meeting.

Staying in

Not so much knitting this month, though I did just start a hat for Sparty. But instead I wrote last month's review, the only blogging I did all month—der schweetums has just expressed surprise to find me blogging now—and I potted a bunch more pothos cuttings that I rooted in January, which I think is not when you're supposed to root pothos cuttings, oh well, they are doing fine:

just making a picture for my blog!

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Eeesh I still have three more that need pots, sigh. It just came up in my fb memories, it was only a year ago that I started with all this pothos madness.

What else, I painstakingly mended my one pair of jeans, which promptly ripped in another place:

sorry jeans, you got more work to do in this life

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And cooking is much less of a chore than it used to be, remember twice a week cooking practices? Sheesh. Now der schweetums is in charge of vegetables and makes them whenever, so I never have to make dinner, and all I do is make a giant batch of chicken stew every week, and I'm finding I can squeeze that in wherever:

On the less active side, we watched the next seasons of Vikings, Lucifer, The Man in the High Castle, and The Expanse (which I'm also reading), and also Dr Strange. When I'm doing stuff around the house, and also at bedtime, I seem to have fallen into this genre of melancholy British detectives solve one crime per season (Broadchurch, Paranoid, Happy Valley)—yeah, back to "working" and "sleeping" TV but on the other hand I'm also back to working and sleeping, so—