Friday, July 15, 2016

July Eats

Womp, I started to suspect that my sinus issues, which are related to my globus issue, had something to do with dairy consumption. Which I knew there was a connection between dairy and mucus production, I just wasn't connecting that with me and the mucus in my head and the volume of greek yogurt that I generally eat in a week. I pretty much don't eat dairy except greek yogurt, but that I eat a lot of. So I stopped eating it right in the middle of a quart and gave away an unopened quart, and thought I was sort of feeling better, and then I thought I would use up the opened quart in a nice batch of koldskal, peaches and koldskal, mmm. Which brings me back to womp, I do believe dairy is a thing for me now. Again. I mean it used to be, and then it wasn't, and now it is again. Like I feel like I'm choking and my head is exploding simultaneously. Sigh that's so too bad, greek yogurt has been so easy full stop. And such an easy way for me to get protein and probiotics, oh well. I will figure it out. In the meantime, I have gone back to just almonds and strawberries for my breakfast bowl:

A great discovery for lunch, though: The Kitchn's 5 Salad Bases That Last All Week in the Refrigerator, I can confirm that the kale-radicchio combo did indeed last all week and was delicious! I dressed it with a slightly tweaked version of A Beautiful Mess's lemon miso dressing and toward the end of last month was topping it with hardboiled eggs, avocado, and cherry tomatoes. This month though, I'm trying it with pan-roasted chicken breast:

yumayyyyy #kale #radicchio #lemonmisovinaigrette #panroastedchicken #cherrytomatoes #avocado #goodeats

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I bought that mixing bowl to keep in the kitchen at work, and we have a million of those serving spoons from times we've catered things.

I'm still working those dinner bowls, and working on a new ground meat recipe for my collection viz., persian ground lamb:

Recipe TK!

On gym days, I eat dinner for lunch, bring a bottle of tart cherry water to the gym, and then have a smoothie when I get home from the gym, I have already developed a dairy-free smoothie that does the job:

Der schweetums cooks Friday dinner! I taught him how to make miso soup: