Tuesday, May 31, 2016

May Review

WTFFF, I have been sick for like the whole second half of this month. Goddammit I was taking care of myself and scaling back and being a human being and not a human doing ::shakes fist:: I demand to be rewarded for my good behavior!!! I was super good about getting sick, I deployed my new Sick Policy (tm) and immediately cancelled the week of appointments with no fuss. I rested and fluided and I got better! For. One. Day. The next day I was sick again >:( So I cancelled a second week of appointments, went to see the doctor, tested negative for strep twice (rapid test and lab test) so apparently this is just a freak bonus virus. Looks like a virus, swims like a virus, and quacks like a virus, probably is a virus. Anyway, it's moving on like a virus. Not gonna lie though, I'm going to be pretty discouraged if I come down with a third virus. I've lost a little bit of trust in the world.

Anyway that split May pretty neatly into two halves: the first half when I was feeling all right and getting things done, and the second half when I wasn't and I wasn't. HOWEVER I do want to take pride in behaving appropriately, twice over, for being sick, twenty self-care points to Griffyndor goddammit.

On the getting things done side, May picks:

HOME: Cleaning and decorating

1. DO ONE MORE THING for front room big clean!

I did this, again in the vein of putting the cart in front of the horse: I cleared off my left bookshelf for der schweetums, for his stuff. He's only lived here for eight years. Some of my stuff I managed to put into boxes to be taken to the thrift store, but most of it is in more piles waiting to be Kon-Maried.

Actually also after a multi-day comedy where I ripped a hole in every pair of black leggings I own, I did manage—on two of my sick nights even— to decently mend four pairs (cannibalizing the fifth and worst-ripped pair for material) which along with the four new pairs I bought should hold me over for a while yet.

BODY: Healing my body

2a. Continue bodywork, see doctor.

My bodywork is on hiatus because Maul is ill, but all of that has actually been fine (except the part about Maul being ill); all of her work has been holding very nicely, my knee no longer hurts, and the globus in my neck is the least bothersome that it's ever been. So then I saw the doctor for my annual lady checkup, and all that was fine too, and I scheduled my annual mammogram.

2b. Draft a plan for doing taxes better.

Nooo not done.

PLAY: Studying muscles

3. Continue studying muscles, either client-focused or set up a study structure.

I went the client-focused route with this, translating to like two pretty solid afternoons studying the psoas. So far though the two clients I was doing this for have not yet materialized, in addition to my basically dematerializing this month. I'm feeling very wobbly in this area.

PASTIME: Writing for my two blogs

4. Let's try May OFF too, see how that feels...

So as contrary as I am, no sooner had I said I was done with this, I had a quiet Sunday where the thing that popped into my mind to do at that moment was just this, and then a pleasant afternoon ensued with a little writing and a little structuring how this could go, but then it went nowhere because of the aforementioned sickness.

State of the Blog

I have some little ideas for how to make Nom work, so I feel like I'm going to absent myself from alla Poppy for a while and play with those ideas.

Going out

Fun going-out things happened in the first half of the month, Sparty and I skated the 606 and went out for pizza, and we also went to Baker and Miller for breakfast. Shanna was in town, so die clamskis spent the day together: went to Donut Vault, hung out at the hotel, went to Gino's East, and then to the WCR bout. And, this month's supper club was was Dos Urbana Cantina:

dos urban cantina

The day after this is when I fell sick, so now the not getting shit done side:

Staying in

Sleeping and working TV

Man I do not even want to talk about sleeping or working TV, I am sooo sick of TV right now. I finished Midsomer Murders, found and finished Rosemary & Thyme, found and finished Republic of Doyle, found and I think I'm half-finished with Vexed. I'm sorting so unbalanced right now it's not even funny. TV for me right now is like this horror story I read when I was in high school about this guy whose kid is making him bananas always chewing gum, he finally calls his kid on the carpet and the kid bursts into tears and blurts, I'm not chewing it... it's chewing me. I suppose most addiction is of this nature, perhaps where the happy ending lies beyond a secondary epiphany that although it indeed feels like it is chewing you, in fact you are chewing it. At least I've gotten to the point where I Do Not Want sleeping or working TV. I want sleep. I want work. I want to stop chewing.

Watching TV

I was deliberately breaking from obsessive sick TV for actual entertaining social watching with der schweetums, most of which I did enjoy: R.I.P.D., DC Legends, Vikings, The 33, Begin Again, Moonwalkers, a teeny bit of The Hollow Crown, and Captain America: Civil War. We also started watching Blunt Talk, which has Patrick Stewart and is hilarious.

We did finish out the month at Problem's Memorial Day BBQ, where giant jenga was played:

srsly that is some swiss cheese shit

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June picks:

1. Throw some shit out for the love of god.
2a. Get mammogram.
2b. Draft a plan for doing taxes better.
3. Let's just see what happens in June...
4. Let's just see what happens in June...