Saturday, July 4, 2015

Jegging Surgery
 bikini boyshorts

bikini top and cut-off jeggings. and slingback crocs, haha.

I decided that I was done messing with my bikini line. Bikini top + cut-off cuffed jeggings. And slingback crocs, haha.

Hey oh, a "fashion" post.

Do you need instructions? These are Xhilaration jeggings from Target. I basically laid my 6" quilting ruler right under the back pocket (yes! these have pockets!) and marked it straight across with a white pencil, and cut with my (very sharp) quilting scissors. I was thinking I would mark conservatively and trim cautiously until they were as cheeky as I wanted, but when I tried them on, they cuffed a lot more nicely than I imagined—and hey, less work. Was not really looking forward to hemming stretch fabric, now I don't have to bother, yay.

I guess we'll see how well this fabric does in water. Not that I really ever go in the water, maybe twice a summer. Maybe this summer not at all, it's so cool and the beach is so faaar.

It's not that I was itching to DIY, I actually had in mind the cutest nautical boyshorts, in the exact shade of blue that's on my bikini top (I don't always ever envision realistically), maybe with the four buttons in the front, you know what I mean? I did quite a bit of online trolling for this, trolling in the actual fishing sense and not the online sense, though not actually fishing, fishing figuratively online, and came up empty-handed, hinc illa Plan B.