Thursday, March 27, 2014

State of the Break
 winter 2014

eating breakfast looking at the snow

I have never needed a break like that break. Truthfully, I don't have a deep sense of having had a break. It's been busy. I totally said that last break, didn't I. Sigh, I don't mean to sound like busy is a virtue. I swear that's not me.

I had all my winter posts put to bed by 2/20, except I did tuck in fish curry and coco broccoli on 2/24, mochi oatmeal on 3/8, and also a poppylogue on 3/12; poppylogues are pretty much always written if not in the moment, then moments after the moment. But anyway except for those three easy pieces, I went on blog break starting 2/20 until picking back up with this post on 3/14—oh wow, so almost three weeks.

So what this post should be about is what I was doing from 2/20 to 3/14.

Well, I started with a decent weekend—a nice Friday night in; haircut, pizza quest, and Chicago Red Hots Saturday night; and then Second Wind, Feed, blocking, and referee scenarios Sunday from noon to 9PM. That's a nine hour day if you're counting, seven on skates. It sounds a little horrible, but after all I do want to make a full-time living doing physical education; so yeah, let's get physical. But then Monday I fell sick, just a head cold, nothing to stay home from the office for, but something to do as I say and not as I do, first of all stay away from the practice space for your teammates' sakes, and last but not least don't freakin' practice when you're sick for your own sake. Remember too that I came down with the flu—or I should say with a chest cold since I'm not a doctor and didn't go to the doctor, I don't know that it was the flu—the day after travel team tryouts, just three weeks earlier. So I'd already been as good as gold about staying in and skipping practices for a week, don't ask me to do it again! Grrrrr but I was, good as gold again. I'm looking at my timetracker for that week and I wasn't writing and I wasn't practicing, so what the hell was I doing? Just resting—watching TV, or browsing my feedly, or futzing with any of my innumerable charts.

I was back to practice the next Sunday, and the next two weeks went better. I guess how it goes is that after breakfast on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday are my three little windows to chop away at my to do list, recurring tasks first, and then the top one or two things on my to do list. Which when I'm not on blog break are predominantly posts to be written, and when I'm on break are what? I had two clients starting new sessions, so drafting workout plans for them. Also booking the studio for them as needed. Ah, I finally took my last two ProSource quizzes to finish up my CEC credits and get recertified. I've been a trainer for two years, wacky. Finally changed my email address from rocketmail to gmail for the rest of my online accounts and collected all of my passwords, that's been on my list forever. Mailed some socks to Cara.

I know, right? Is that all?? You mailed some socks to your niece and you changed your passwords?

That's the thing, man. All this picky little stuff still takes time, and furthermore there's less time to do it in. There's less energy to do it with. Have I said before that I'm like a frog in a pot on the stove? The water starts cold and gradually warms so as you don't notice that's what it's doing, until you do. I'm in very warm water right now. Second Wind turned it up a bit, and also by the way I squeezed in another client. Those two things, basically, flowed in and filled up this break to the brim, overflowed actually, being that I got sick.

Well, let's talk about that a bit. Sick twice in a month is unacceptable, something has to be done. And something has to be done means that something has to be done, I say this only because "something has to be done" so frequently is followed by nothing being done. Probably because one doesn't know what is to be done, but that's not how to get things done. You don't know what is to be done and then do it. You pick anything and do it; and if it does the trick, that's what was to be done. And if it doesn't, it isn't and pick something else. So I picked two things to stop getting sick, one, letting go of the idea that I'm going to do much else besides work, systems, housework, train, and practice. Because work, systems, housework, train, and practice is what I do and hello is a lot, and the rest of my time, which is not a lot, is for not doing—watching TV, or browsing my feedly, or futzing with any of my innumerable charts. And what I'm not doing is, like, crafting. Or any big cleaning projects. Sorry about my floors, Mom. Or you know, going out much at all. This is more freeing than as dire as it sounds, I still have pizza quest and monthly wine party at Trouble's. Two, upping my daily starch allowance from one to two. I say starch to refer to what are more commonly called carbs but you know, vegetables are carbs. What I limit are starchy carbs, right at the top, pasta and bread, which are red flags, and then primarily rice and potatoes are my yellow flags. Red flags I'm only supposed to have one or two per week, yellow flags were one and are now two per day. So like carne, greens, and potatoes for dinner, and mochi oatmeal for post-workout snack. I'm giving this a try because sick twice in a month means something's needed—it might be more calories, it might specifically be more simple carbs— and I'm certainly not gaining weight, I've been stable between 132 and 136 for a year without really trying, so I'm not testing the top of my headroom where I'm at.

I left off before break not really sure how much blogging I'd be doing from now on, but that's how it always is before break. I always think I might be done blogging, but I just need a break. By the end of break, blog posts are writing themselves in my head; so there's that. Do I have time to write them out is the question, we shall see about that. Now that I've done a tiny number of trivial things off my insanely large but docile to do list, maybe it goes back into eclipse and kneels before Blog. Maybe I'm more inclined to write instead of watching TV, and that's when I'll do it. I mean, that's what I'm doing now. Maybe I won't write as much, but how likely does that seem at the bottom of eight column inches.