Friday, December 21, 2012

Egression #1

Happy Winterval, I'm back!

January. Via Disasterpeace.

All break the sweetie man and I have been rehearsing this new Friday feature that will be links I collect during the week, then he puts together all the thumbnails and I post them at the end of the week. This is far and away my favorite from the entire month so far, so it gets its own feature; it's a music generator that makes notes when you catch snowflakes with your tongue. It has a lot of commands but basically left and right arrows to chase the snowflakes around, up arrow to look up and stick your tongue out, and down arrow to put your head back down. Though I just chased the snowflakes with my tongue out. Then I got tired of moving my little guy around and wanted him to walk around by himself. Which is ultimate first world problem, but then Chuck said to just leave him standing and let the snowflakes fall on him. Which is genius and what a great life metaphor for sometimes. I just leave it on in the background, it's really pretty just like that and perfect for the season.

Things are good? I get SAD this time of year, but this is the best year yet. I realized that depression for me isn't feeling sad, it's feeling stopped. I feel basically happy, thank god. I just can't make myself do stuff like get out of bed. Knowing that I "should" get out of bed has lost its power over me, it takes a really happymaking thought to get me up. Though I am nothing if not easily amused, I should make a list. Wait until you see my new tights, ahhh!

Also I injured myself last Monday, haha, on Yvette, and am no contact until the new year and then I got sick. Because being sick, injured, and depressed all in one weekend is efficient, is what. And is what I designed this holiday for, because what you get when you get the secret to happiness isn't happiness ever after. What you get is not upset about unhappiness, you get that it just happens. You don't push it away, you sort of gently taste that it's not something you'd think you want to eat but it's actually kind of good. Speaking as somebody who just tried blue cheese, I mean. It is good, but you don't want to eat it a lot. Ah, this is how traditions get started. What can I make like charoset but with the rest of this blue cheese that celebrates the funky taste of seasonal depression...