Friday, July 27, 2012


lechos a.k.a tacos in lettuce wraps

Okay so, lechos is an actual word in Spanish, it means bed like riverbed. I call these lechos meaning short for lechuga, or lettuce.

Anyway I occasionally stumble upon that Men's Health feature Eat This Not That, and usually neither the goofus or gallant options are things I would normally eat. Substitutions are really only relevant to what you actually eat; so if you're trying to upgrade your nutrition, you want to be looking at what you actually eat and thinking about what you can swap out or trade up.

Lettuce wraps for me are actually not a diet thing, they're a Korean thing. A little pile of rice, a little bit of beef, a dab of kochujang wrapped in lettuce leaves, nom.

So you know that Tuesday has been sacred taco night for, geez, four or five years now, every Tuesday I get the two tacos de lengua dinner with rice and beans. Now I'm eating the same taco dinner with the tortillas removed and lettuce instead. So I know exactly what the difference is, four tortillas. And if I get three tacos and take away the rice and beans, that will be even less starch.

your favorite tacos
lettuce leaves

Put together two or three lettuce leaves and scoop the filling from the tacos into the lettuce.