Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Summer Work Wear

I have a plan for my work clothes like the Five Year Plan. I mean, it's not five years. I just mean that it's repressive. I need to not think about what to wear, and I ride my bike to work—

So I pick from one of three khakis on Monday, one of two pleated skirts on Tuesday, one of two cords on Wednesday, one of three miniskirts on Thursday, and one of two jeans on Friday. I used to have more jeans, but I have derby thighs now. I wear leggings if I'm wearing a skirt. Then I put on a tank top, no show black socks, and brown suede gym shoes. I have a little black sweater that I put on at the office.

Poppy, you wear no show socks and gym shoes with everything? Yes. Yes, I do.